The Smithy

The Square , Chilham, Canterbury, KENT, CT4 8BY

The parish of Chilham has a long history, traces of which date back to the Neolithic period.

The focal points of the village are undoubtedly the castle (its wonderful gardens attributed to Capability Brown are open on special occasions) and the Church (with views over the surrounding valleys).

The medieval village square and High Street began to take shape in the 13 and 1400’s  with the construction of a number of heavy timber framed buildings some of which are still with us.

In the late 1800s some of the buildings in the square underwent a radical architectural change to please the then Lady of the Castle!

The most visited village in Kent.   

Chilham Square (image (c) Robert Berry)Chilham Church in winterChilham May Fare 2004

Chilham Square has been the set for a number of films including an episode of the 2005 ITV series Agatha Christie - Marple “The Moving Finger” and the 2009 BBC series “Emma”, in which The Smithy was turned into a shop, see photo left.

Chilham Mill (image (c) Kent Downs AONB)Chilham Square

Life in The Square

The Square is the heart of the village with many events such as fairs and fetes being held there . In summer local Morris Dancers often entertain visitors and neighbouring villagers!

The Parish council together with local residents are working on giving a new look and feel  to The Square.

The Smithy in Emma film set Chilham Square used as a set for TV Series Design Statement Emma Filming The Smithy in Emma film set (image (c) Klaus Kucharzewski) The Square in Emma film set The Square in Miss Marple film set The Square in Miss Marple film set Gallery